Was cleaning up my room when I found this. Started crying, naturally. It’s been a long road to who I am today, and am grateful for every struggle and everyone who stuck by me through it. Thank you. You know who you are. (@erumf ;) ) (at Erum’s Car)

Guerrilla Marketing in its finest hour. (at Fisk Building)

Oh my God. My friends get it. “Email Kelly with a planned itinerary for fun.” BAM. This is how it’s done. 😂👍 (at Alpha Female Society HQ)

Happy birthday with Dad & Mum! :) (at Del Frisco’s Grille - New York)

Happy birthday, daddy! I’m my dad with long hair, essentially. (at Del Frisco’s Grille - New York)

Thaaaanks @lifebooker ! Your PR gave me a discount upon a discount just cuz. Will be treating myself to a facial after work 💆 (at New York City)

Simple Diary time hop; one year ago. Well, as they say, visualize your goals. 😂 #PreWineBoyEra (at Fisk Building)

MY NEW FAVE CALENDAR. (at Urban Outfitters)

1937. “Think and Grow Rich.”

"We refuse to believe that which we do not understand."

So we get this magazine in the office: the magazine specifically for billionaires. Not sure if this is because of our target market or I’m underpaid 😝 (at Mandarin Oriental Management USA Inc)