Oh. Okay. Turn right on road. (at Red Bank Train Station)


Cleaning up some old photos on my phone when I found this oldie but goodie! #ThrowbackThursday to the night we escaped the bathroom utilizing the power of teamwork and a lot of yelling. Then there was someone taking photos of it all. (at Via Caniana - The American Party)

Talking Feminism with Kelly Ann Gonzales

Talking Feminism with Kelly Ann Gonzales

Kelly Ann R Gonzales:

Big talk with the Hamption Institute!

Originally posted on A Different Lens:

Today we sit down with Kelly Ann Gonzales, founder of Alpha Female Society, to discuss her website and feminism more generally.



Alpha Female Society

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In light of those wondering why Ray Rice’s wife defended him despite his abuse and who can’t comprehend why? This is why. Women do not enter abusive relationships with open arms. Like a frog in a pot filled with cold water, they don’t realize they’re in trouble until the water is slowly turned up. This is how abuse, mental, emotional, and physical happens and continues, and (part of the reason, beyond perhaps familial or economical reasons) why these women stay.

False Intimacy and Raising Your Social Standards in Business and Personal Life - #AlphaFemaleFriday

False Intimacy and Raising Your Social Standards in Business and Personal Life – #AlphaFemaleFriday


After I lived in Europe for three months for a study abroad experience, I had one of the biggest awakenings I ever had in terms of understanding the power of friendship. Sitting on my bed, slowly unpacking the one large, duffle bag I brought with me that contained my entire life for three months, I realized that a handful of the closest friends that I had lived more than 3,000 miles away from me.…

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Aww yaaaayyyy! :) and they said corporate life would be heartless… ;) (at Mandarin Oriental Management USA Inc)

Was reading the latest issue of Marie Claire when I saw this ad for a Bvlgari giveaway for a similar ring I inherited. Fantasy vs. Reality. (at Alpha Female Society HQ)

Wedding Savings Without Sacrificing Good Times - #AlphaFemaleFriday

Wedding Savings Without Sacrificing Good Times – #AlphaFemaleFriday


Brides and grooms have unique expectations from their wedding days, each committed to particular ways of recognizing the special occasions.  As a result, there is no standard approach to wedding planning.  In fact, there are only a few universal concepts at play for wedding-planners, which are embellished with individual wants and needs.

Fortunately for brides and grooms there are money saving…

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Yup. Leave it to my dad to always remind me to be humble and love the guy with the great work ethic and great love for you. #StayHungryStayFoolish (at New York, New York)